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About Us is an online platform supplying home improvement, home decoration, building materials, remolding materials & furniture at factory direct prices from China to North America, Europe and Asia Pacific areas. We own advanced production lines and most advanced machineries and technology, by selecting and bringing the best quality tiles with highest manufacturing standard around the world directly to North America, without any middle man in between.

By deploying world class supply chain and information technology, MyBuildingShop supply chain and technology team has successfully built the shortest and most effective supply chain between the manufacturers and the building product end users, including DIY homeowners, re-modelers, contractors, interior designers, architects, apartment complex owners, builders and developers as well as mom and pop showroom dealers. Thousands of building and design professionals as well as DIY homeowners have benefited 30-70% saving in buying the remodeling building products.

We are aiming at looking for best quality, beautiful and cost effective home stuff for the public. We would like to work hard on setting up this platform as ligament connecting factories, distributors, store keepers to the public. Now that the internet is part of our life, it should server us better. We think customers need an easier way to find what they want. And customers need a better price on that. How can we make all that happen? The only way is saving all the cost. On our website, the sellers can save a lot of cost such as store rent, labor salary etc. That's why they can bid a better price on MyBuildingShop .com.

With this ideal, we will always keep making our effort on it. We are building a sales channel for factories, distributors, store keepers. We welcome factories, distributors, store keepers who are doing business in tiles such as glass mosaic tiles, shell tiles, mother of pearl tiles, metal tiles, stainless steel tiles, porcelain ceramic mosaics and stone mosaic tiles. If you want sale on internet, we offer the stage. We will together try our best to server customers better.

Our Product Lines:

Glass Tiles

Glass tile is extremely popular covering options for both interior and exterior. Crystal glass tile is very popular and become the design mainstream in North America, European union and Asia Pacific areas, applications including bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, wall tiles, backsplash tiles, swimming pool tiles and decoration wall tiles in 5-star hotel lobbies as well as corporate office reception areas.

Glass mosaic tiles are glossy, easy for installation and cleaning, they are available to be custom made in a range of colors, shapes, thickness, textures. Whether you are looking for square glass mosaic tiles, lush glass tiles, magic pattern glass tiles, stone glass mosaic tiles, metal glass mosaic tiles, we are confident that we can provide you the tile fit to your project.

Metal Tiles

The metal tile is made of stainless steel, copper, or aluminum, it usually have chrome or brushed finish. Metal mosaic tiles have a handsome, sturdy, look and feel that adds character with plenty of design options to a residential or commercial area, they can have a smooth shiny surface or a matte gun metal finish and invoke a sleek and stylish look to any area where they are applied and are suited for use as a kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall decor, countertops and any area that you'd like to give more dimension and showcase a your personal style. Metal tiles of varying size, color, and texture can be used to create a focal point on a wall or to completely cover a wall for a dramatic design statement. They can create a decorative border design down a hallway, lining along the bathroom or kitchen walls and countertops.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is our luxury collection mosaic tiles for kitchen and bathroom. The glazed porcelain tile is preferred for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes, primarily because of their low water absorption rate. Italian porcelain tile is graded on their hardness and their ability to resist moisture absorption. Porcelain pebble tile is made of pebble-shaped porcelain pieces adhered to a durable mesh backing, they have features itself with blue, cream and coffee color and heart shaped patterns. They are perfect as kitchen backsplashes, accent tiles, mirror frame tiles, bathroom walls and more applications.

Porcelain mosaic tile is not only prove to be more resistant than natural stones, but is also easier to maintain. It does not call for any special sealant or treatment and can be less absorbent than natural stone mosaic tiles.

Shell Tiles

All our shell tiles are made of natural and high quality mother of pearls by hand, they reflect the very natural color in original shells. As a 100% green product, mosaic shell tile is good ideal for any interior walling surfaces, popular using as wall tiles, floor tiles and kitchen backsplashes. We provide a fine collection of natural and luxury shell tiles, including square shell tiles, round shell tiles, ellipse shell tiles and hexagon shell tiles.

Our shell series come in an array of colors: blue, brown, cream/beige, gold and white. If you wish to dress up the bathroom vanity area, these tiles will deliver. They add a feminine touch to your walls and counter tops in the bathroom or spa.

Stone Tiles

Stone tile is another kind of great decorative building materials for more than 2000 years history. People are blending the marble, natural stone, travertine, slate, quartzite, limestone, onyx to make it mosaic tile, which usually has high level of luxury but also very natural.

From magnificent marble to exquisite travertine, MyBuildingShop offers an array of beautiful, natural stone tile collections. With a wide variety of coordinating countertops, floor and wall tiles, and mosaics in a range of unique styles, it's easy to achieve designer looks in kitchens, bathrooms, and other interior and exterior projects.

Tile Murals

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art or interior decoration. Mosaic tile mural is made of small, flat pieces of glass of different colors, known as tesserae. It is hand made by our craft-men. The tesserae are cut into different shapes, and then applied face-down to a mesh using an adhesive. So you can transfer it onto your wall, floor or craft project. It is unique customized mosaics only for you.

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Wholesale mosaic tile online, MyBuildingShop offers a huge selection of glass mosaic tile, metallic tile, mother of pearl backsplash tile, shell mosaic tile, porcelain pebble tile, stone mosaic tile, natural wood tile.

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We provide a huge selections of mosaic tile for your decor planning. For kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall decor, shower floor decor and swimming pool etc., contact us to get an idea today.