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Stone Mosaic Kitchen & Bathroom Wall Tile

The true beauty of mosaic stone tiles is impossible to fake. The ageless character of real stone brings an unmistakably natural element to your design, whether you’re creating a showstopping backsplash for your kitchen, or recreating a grotto retreat in your pool or shower. Every natural stone backsplash tile is unique, as it’s been cut from actual rock. The naturally occurring veining, flecks of color and unusual marbling add interest, texture and depth to your tile work. Our natural stone backsplash tile collection contains a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and shades, from glorious mosaics to humble pebbles. Slate, polished stone or marble, it's all gorgeous and perfect for a natural stone backsplash. Each natural stone backsplash tile offers a lovely natural look because they are cut and hand processed from actual stone. The mosaic stone tiles are sorted according to similar size and color and then are individually glued to a mesh backing.Occasional imperfections, veins and lines of separation can often be found within the stones and only add to their natural outstanding beauty. Our slate series can be used to customize and protect your toughest working surfaces.

Mosaic stone tiles are excellent choices for interior and exterior applications on floors and walls. Our natural stone backsplash tile options come in an array of colors and in many patterns in a honed or cleft finish. A honed finish means a matte finish. A cleft finish is when the surface is rough due to the method of splitting the material during quarrying. 

We have the widest choice of mosaic stone tiles which comprises of more than 160 items of high-quality finishing product. Given the fact that we offer stone tiles of eight shapes, which go from standard square to the fanciful flower shape, we can safely say that we have the widest and the most diverse range of natural stone tiles in the business. Whichever type of natural stone backsplash tile you pick, we guarantee that it will complement the interior design and cause sincere amazement and delight in anyone who sets his or her foot in the room decorated with mosaic stone tiles. Our stone tiles will definitely turn your house into an exemplar of decorative masonry

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