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Mother Of Pearl Tile Shell Mosaic

MyBuildingShop offers stunning exotic tiles in your choice of a lovely shell surface which is perfect in bathroom decor. An excellent choice for any space where you wish to create a warm and inviting feel.

Shell tile is often made from mother of pearl, which is not resistant to moisture and weather. They are not designed for wet or outdoor areas. Mother of Pearl backsplash tiles make a design statement when installed in a wine cellar. Shell tiles are appropriate for decorative transition areas, borders, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. The beauty of shell tiles is in the naturally occurring variations in color and texture.

This series is called Mother of Pearl because these tiles are reminiscent of magnificent pearls which are extracted from the shell of scallops which live in the shallow ocean waters.

The play of luminous colors, which is one of the distinguishing features of our shell tiles, is achieved due to the unique structure of the organic material. These Mother of Pearl backsplash tiles have an insignificant amount of artificial colorants but most of their magical radiance is the result of light refraction on certain pieces of tiles which are separated by the thinnest layers of air. The thickness of the air layer is proportionate to the length of the light wave which causes the rainbow-like iridescence of white, purple, emerald, and blue colors.

You can use shell tiles to add some Mediterranean vibe to almost any part of your house. Even if you live in a region that is not characterized by sunny weather all year round, these tiles will bring the touch of sunlight and the freedom of ocean breeze into your home and turn it into an oasis of balmy warmth.

We offer Mother of Pearl tiles in many different shapes and sizes, so you can use them in any quantity and in any composition. There is no doubt that you will be able to choose the type of shell tiles that will catch your designer fancy since we have more than 50 variations of this magnificent finishing material. Whether you want to create the traditional, modern, minimalist or even industrial style of interior design, our shell tiles can be used as the foundation for each of your well-elaborated projects.

Our series of Mother of Pearl backsplash tiles comes in an array of colors: blue, brown, cream, gold and white. If you wish to dress up the bathroom vanity area, these tiles will deliver. They add a feminine touch to any wall.