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What is Mother of Pearl made of?

What is Mother of Pearl made of?

These designs are cut from sheets of shell, using an organic material created by mollusks to bring a stunning coastal glamour to your home! They’re surprisingly strong, made of similar material to the cultured pearls that are classic and elegant choices for jewelry - take that beauty and add it to your tile!

Their natural beauty makes for a winning combination in white marble and Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles! The intricate designs of our waterjet tile collection are a stunning choice for a luxurious Mother of Pearl bathroom tile vanity wall. Shell pairs perfectly with white Thassos marble to give these mosaic tiles a luxurious quality! They are a beautiful way to elevate a classic white kitchen with a Mother of Pearl backsplash tile or an inset medallion as a beautiful accent to your home! You can find them in contemporary patterns, with herringbone and geometric mosaic designs for creative Mother of Pearl tile bathroom, kitchen, or fireplace designs! They also come in classic tile shapes, like shell hexagon, diamond, and penny round tile sheets.

Mother of Pearl tiles are a natural choice for luxurious home design! They’re ideal to create a glamorous white kitchen backsplash with beautiful reflective tones! They sparkle under the light of a crystal chandelier, casting iridescence around your elegant white marble bathroom. Reflect the light from a wood burning or gas fireplace with a Mother of Pearl tile fireplace surround that will give your living room an instantly elegant upgrade!

Our collection also includes shell-only designs that are amazing for groutless tile installations! These interlocking sheets create fewer lines to install and scrub! Groutfree tiles are an amazing way to create a tiled design without lines, and as a bonus, are easy to keep clean!

Although the beauty and elegant glimmer of pearl tiles makes them appear delicate, shell tiles are actually incredibly strong and heat resistant!  Wondering how to clean Mother of Pearl tiles? You can keep the iridescent sparkle of your shell tiles intact by regularly wiping them down with non-chemical soap and water. We recommend avoiding harsh chemicals to make sure pearl tiles keep their luster!

Although Mother of Pearl pieces typically have a small amount of variation as a natural substance, they can be found in pure white cultured shapes and rich gold tones, all with the natural luminescence of shell! We can’t think of a better way to add elegance to your home, whether you choose modern geometric mosaic tiles that add a dazzling sparkle, or stick to classically elegant designs for a romantic bathroom, kitchen, or living room design!

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