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A Guide to Installing Glass Mosaic Tile

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A Guide to Installing Glass Mosaic Tile
By: Susan Potts 

This guide covers installation of how to put in glass mosaic tiles.
This Guide to Installing glass mosaics is appropriate for fountain and spa, shower wall, kitchen backsplash and swimming pool applications. 

A Note about this Installation Guide: 
The grouting guidelines and general installation is relative to nearly all applications. 
The subsequent all-purpose installation and grouting guidelines pertain to most applications. The technical service departments of main setting product companies should be investigated concerning exact installation inquiries. 

In terms of deciding the suitability of the material, the end user is responsible for this. Installation comprises acceptance of tile arrangement. 
The nature of glass mosaic tile and glass mosaic tile design is custom and the levels of creative distinction includes size, tone, color and shade surrounded by every tile sheet; there are some tiles that may have minor chips along the edging of the glass mosaic tiles. 
Inspect every carton tile, while opening, to validate the regularity of the shading. Indiscriminately choose five tile sheets from dissimilar cartons, which will set up color control throughout the installation. Blend sheets from different cartons to ensure random placement during installation, prior to installing tile. During sheet installation, test them with control samples before they are placed in the setting product; this makes sure the quality and shade variations are acceptable. 

Some basic procedures for installing glass mosaic tile differ from installing stone tile, ceramic tile, or the like. Following these actions will avert straightforward mishaps from happening, possibly resulting in the failure of the installation. 

How to cut Glass Mosaic Tile?
To cut Glass Mosaic Tile, glass tiles that are in a small format cut best with specialty glass mosaic tile scissors and bigger sizes [2x2] are cut best with a wet saw. When using a diamond cut-off or carbide blade, use a high-quality wet saw. 
• Glass mosaic tiles must be cut in a tremendously slow manner to prevent rough edges.
• To continue to cut through a tile, turn the tile upside down while cutting halfway , while flipping the tile over while you continue to slice through it. This reduces the chipping of the face of the glass mosaic tile and of both color backs.
• After cutting, the cut edges should be sanded or stoned smooth. 

The glass mosaic tile should be installed over the proper substrate, for an optimum result. To ensure a superior installation, this is one of the most important factors. 
Choosing the correct backing is imperative to installing your glass mosaic tile. The different backing types are listed below: 
• Drywall
• Concrete
• Green Board
• Cement Board

It is imperative that the tiling surface is sound, clean and free of oils and dirt, including sealers and curing compounds. Substrate, if in water, should be waterproof. Substrate should also not have any cracks. 
Glass mosaic tiles are products that are reflective. Since glass is a reflective product, it’s prone to scratching. If there are any inconsistencies in the substrate, they will show up following the installation of the tile. 
Glass mosaic tile should not be installed on the following: 
• Asbestos boards
• Plywood
• Press Wood
• Masonite
• Chipboard
• Particleboard

Ideal Setting Materials:
A thin-set mortar or setting product is recommended for color consistency with the samples.
Glass mosaic tiles are durable, shouldn’t be subjected to excessive thermal or mechanical shock and they are only as good as they are installed. Installation products should only be used, following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Wipe back of the tile and substrate clean with a clean damp sponge prior to installation. This is essential to attain 100% mortar coverage.. 

Grouting may be completed after the glass mosaic tile is set – approximately 24 hours following installation. During the grout process, grout becomes collected as glass mosaic tiles have varying degrees of exterior texture. There will always be grout remaining in the surfaces creates or pinholes; however through cleaning after grouting removes most of it. After installation, the amount of grout evident depends largely on the color contrast between tile color and grout color. It also depends on the viewing distance and how thorough the tiles were cleaned during grouting.
Prior to grouting, an area should be tested to ensure the surface doesn’t scratch throughout grouting. Grout joints should be free of pits, voids, and packed-free. Excess grout should be cleaned from the exterior as the project advances before grout hardens and while it’s fresh.
Apply grout with a rubber float, sanded or un-sanded, making sure grout joints are completely full and free of pits and voids. The surface should be cleaned with a damp, clean sponge. 
Grout should be set firm or until the grout in the joints set firm or haze forms on the tile. Final cleaning of grout haze and tile polishing is done within 24 hours of grouting, and with a dry, clean cheesecloth. To polish off remaining grout residue and haze, use a clean, soft, dry cloth. 

Allow the grout to cure for a minimum of seven days prior to steam cleaning or aggressive use. There shouldn’t be any traffic on grout joints or fresh tile. Precautions should be taken by the contractor to protect the finished work from damage by other trades. 
Standard cleaning of glass mosaic tiles can be with water at room temperature or cleaner and a soft lint-free cloth. For a more thorough cleaning and to remove stubborn dirt and stains, use any of the many tile and grout cleaners available through home centers or tile dealers.

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