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Wavy Herringbone Tile Mother of Pearl Shell Mosaic Backsplash MOP11302

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If you are craving interior glow with natural beauty, use shell mosaic tiles in your home, and give your décor the shine and beauty it deserves. This alluring shell tile in shades of white and gold is artfully arranged in interlocking zigzag patterns that will bring out your fun side. Each chevron pattern mosaic tile is iridescent and has an unmatched sheen that makes it look like a piece of jewelry in the room. Luxury shell tiles are contemporary, elegant, and clean. The variety of color in each piece and the natural pearl luster of the shells make them a versatile mosaic tile that can be combined with different colors in the design. The natural beauty of shell mosaics adds a bit of texture and sparkle especially to small spaces with less lighting. Tiles reflect the light without being too sparkly, and bring a mesmerizing luxury effect to the room. Mother of Pearl Divine Herringbone Mosaic Tiles are suitable for indoor use such as bathrooms floors or walls, kitchen backsplash areas as well as a variety of other settings. Create sea-inspired walls and let these gems glisten your space! The shell mosaic sheets are lightweight and can be installed on indoor walls to add a glittering chevron pattern in white and gold. These groutless tiles have a natural variation thanks to the sea shell details.

Sheet Size: 300X300 (MM)
Chip Size: MIX (MM)
Thickness: 2MM

Detailed Description
1. Each sheet of this tile is approximately 1 sq ft (12 inch * 12 inch) per sheet
2. Mesh mounted on high quality fiber glass
4. Easy installation of your mosaic tile projects

1. Impervious to the elements, thus it is great for both interior and exterior use so moisture is not an issue
2. Great on floors and walls
3. Most popular in bathrooms, spas, kitchen backsplash, wall facades and pools as well as a variety of other applications

All products will be packed carefully (bubble wrapped or wrapped in paper) with carton before shipping to avoid any damaged during transport,
please be assured about that issue. Also, products will be shipped with DHL air express so that the customer can receive his package earlier.

Production Time
All products will be shipped in 5 business days if the products are being in stock. For custom made products, it takes 7-15 business days for production. 

Flexible Shipment
1. Sea shipment - Door to door delivery with NO tax/ duty, it takes 35-45 business days.
2. Air shipment - You will be charged tax/ duty by local custom when the products arrived, it takes 7-10 business days.

1. Make sure the surface of the wall flat and clear.
2. Lay the white grout on the wall evenly with the dentate tool. Meanwhile, while paste grout on the back of the mosaic
3. Install the mosaic sheet on the wall at the right position
4. Stuff up the interstice with ideal colored grout after the white grout is completely solidified
5. Clean the surface of mosaic tile with soft duster.