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Small Kitchen Design Ideas for You

Small Kitchen Design Ideas for You

A small kitchen's best design strikes the ideal mix between aesthetics and usability. You might only need to change the tiles in a room to give it fresh vitality. Tiles are incredibly useful and adaptable, and they can be used in many different ways to make a small kitchen appear bigger, brighter, and, well, seriously fashionable.

Small kitchen backsplash wall tile ideas

A small kitchen's savvy choice of wall and floor tiles can be a minefield. However, when properly adorned utilizing a few easy techniques, tiles may be a striking touch that adds charm and personality. And because of the limited space, they really push you to be extremely inventive!

Utilize reflecting tiles to enlarge the space.
Reflective tiles are not a one-size-fits-all addition; rather, they are available in a wide range of hues, forms, and dimensions. They are a great choice for adding a utilitarian finish as well as a ton of flair because of their variety. Better yet, glass or metallic tiles that naturally reflect light and bounce it around the space quietly expand the sense of space and produce a bright, opulent feeling.

bright glass mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash idea

The kitchen won't feel claustrophobic or dark if the backsplash is brilliant white, cream, warm beige, or a soft pastel color. Lighter colors also offer a clean, receding look. Combine with light-colored cabinetry to produce a seamless appearance free of sharp corners or limits.

If you want dark-colored mosaic tiles, try to pick one that not only matches the style you're going for but also has a reflecting quality. Even the smallest rooms will appear larger and deeper when using materials that maximize a room's natural illumination. The best-kept secret is that glass tiles are slick and simple to clean, making them a great choice for a busy kitchen.

Set the tiles in a row to highlight the vertical
Let's face it, the days of covering the space between the countertop and the cabinets above with a tile backsplash are long gone. Installing a backsplash that reaches the ceiling to match the fuss-free modern design style only makes sense given the interior design trend of open shelves.

black wall tile glass mosaic kitchen backsplash tile

Taking the backsplash to the ceiling is a great way to visually enlarge a small area and tie everything together, in addition to producing a distinctive focal point. Laying large format wall tiles vertically in a small space with a low ceiling creates the appearance of increased height and enables the eye to travel above eye level, lifting the lid off a cramped, boxy kitchen.

This tactic completely changes the game when used with open shelves! In addition to the conventional subway tile pattern, original designs like an extended picket-shaped tile add a chic and timeless touch.

glass mosaic kitchen wall backsplash tile idea

For a larger feel, stack tiles horizontally.
On the other hand, providing the eye a horizontal path to follow produces the illusion of a broader, more open space (width and depth) if you have the luxury of a high ceiling but limited floor area. Furthermore, horizontal straight stacked tiles with a reasonable size instead of a larger format offer a more modernized emphasis on simplicity.

porcelain mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash wall

With tile open shelving, be inventive.
It goes without saying that confined spaces necessitate innovative storage solutions. Open shelving is a storage solution that design professionals adore when dealing with a small kitchen. Of course, it takes up much less room than large cabinets and gives a room that would otherwise be functional personality and a very airy atmosphere.

Open shelves constructed of stained or repurposed wood are sometimes said to as the kitchen's hottest design trend. Even in the tiniest areas, custom-made tile shelving creates a stunning statement, even though wood has its place.

A safety for both the shelves and the wall surface, porcelain tile offers great durability and stain resistance. While keeping carefully picked necessities within easy reach, a few floating tile shelves that match the color of the walls give the room a uniquely modern appearance. Similar to that, the room pops when light-toned cabinetry and a neutral backsplash are contrasted with shelving made of dark-colored tile.

Use an eye-catching accent wall to detract.
Be bold with your décor regardless of your size. Tile, which comes in a variety of materials like porcelain, ceramic, glass, and more, can instantly break up the monotony of your room and produce a lot more adventurous and captivating design moment. To add a modern twist that amps up the visual intrigue in a small area, use an eye-catching accent wall.

By experimenting with different tile textures, patterns, and combinations on a feature wall, you can create a kitchen environment with depth and a vibrant rhythm. The accent tile stands out the most and detracts attention from the room's vastness by keeping the other design components and the floor very understated.
diamond shape mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash wall
Accept the monotony of a monotone design
Confined areas appear smaller when a combination of clashing colors, distinct patterns, and large furnishings creates visual barriers that interrupt the eye. Therefore, using a tone-on-tone color scheme might help to pull the walls back and increase the feeling of openness when decorating a kitchen that is too small for your liking.

A tiny kitchen design that uses wall and floor tiles, counters, cabinetry, and all other fixtures in a similar color family creates the impression of space that is most vast. The general design strategy is kept from seeming flat and heavy-handed by sticking to three versions of a single base color and using various textures and patterns.

To incorporate tile into a monochromatic color scheme, for example, we suggest choosing a backsplash with a different texture from your floor tile for a seductive impact that is anything but flat. For added visual weight and dimension, pair with cabinetry with a natural wood finish and gleaming metallic fittings.

white beige color mosaic tile idea for kitchen backsplash

While it may seem that white, beige, cream, and gray are the only base color possibilities to enhance the appearance and feel of a small room, they aren't the only ones. Different hues of pink, blue, yellow, purple, or green add a lot of personality and create a cozy atmosphere. For instance, a design made entirely of yellow—from bold butterscotch to soft Crayola lemon—is a monochromatic pleasure that creates an unmistakably fashionable appearance that feels airy and open.

Furthermore, if the kitchen has a lot of natural light, a strikingly dark monochromatic design won't make the walls feel small. A great approach to introduce a lively, characterful attitude without detracting from the monochromatic look is by adding an accent, like a light fixture or a set of barstools, in a contrasting hue.

From walls to flooring, create a seamless appearance.
The quantity of floor space you have and what the eye perceives aren't necessarily the same, as design professionals are well aware. By focusing on one type of tile on the walls, floors, and other surfaces deserving of a fashionable finish, you can deceive the eye with boundaries of perception and allow it to move freely across the space.

kitchen wall tile home interior design idea mosaic

Due to the removal of dividing walls and the creation of an uninterrupted flow, your area will appear more open and spacious than it truly is. You must nail it precisely if you plan to use the same tile on the walls, floors, and possibly the sides of your kitchen island in order to preserve the aesthetic harmony of the space.

The right tile may produce a genuinely premium appearance when used on both floors and walls. When everything works out with matching tiles for floor-to-wall application, you've got yourself an attractive home. However, choosing a busy or oppressive tile or color scheme might make your space even smaller than before while also undermining any aesthetic intentions you had coming into this endeavor.

Get creative with pattern floor tiles that will expand your area.
The appropriate floor tile selection makes a significant design difference in small rooms. Tiles with patterns really have a lot of impact and are a great way to give the space personality and zing. Think beyond the box when it comes to showcasing geometrics with shapely tile designs that beautifully stretch and broaden the room to make it appear more expansive.

porcelain wall tile backsplash kitchen wall decor idea

High-contrast monochromatic black and white hexagon tiles in a rather large size set the stage for a contemporary dose of drama if you would prefer to remain with a straightforward geometric shape but in a variety of colors. If you're team "richer, more distinctive charm," then we're all in support of making exquisite veining in white and deep black marble the norm. In order to make the contrast with white a little more thoughtful and delicate, we advise switching out black for a darker gray if black feels too overpowering.

If you do decide on a floor tile with an excessively eye-catching pattern, few grout joints, plain white wall tiles, and a plain ceiling will give the room a clean, uncluttered appearance that doesn't overpower it. When it comes to modernism, toughness, and durability, porcelain tile is a serious MVP. For this reason, choosing patterned porcelain floor tile is beautiful and means that in addition to winning points for aesthetics, you've also chosen something useful for a location that sees a lot of traffic.

black mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash background decor

Tile in a diagonal pattern to jar up a small area.
With their sharp angles and clean lines, ultra-modern tiny kitchen designs run the risk of looking unduly clinical. Consider laying your kitchen floor tiles diagonally rather than in a regular grid pattern to add a welcome aesthetic surprise to the space. This rotating pattern of tiles, also known as a bias layout, is deployed at a precise 45-degree angle to the walls. The good news is that the diagonal arrangement of big format tiles highlights the uniqueness of the room's architecture, produces an opening effect that visually increases the area of the room, and softly relaxes any rigidity.

Utilize the might of magnificent mosaic tiles.

It's possible that there is too much fragmentation due to the numerous grout lines in little mosaic tiles. This is one of the reasons that designers and homeowners alike want larger format tiles for a smooth, seamless appearance that visually accentuates the room's spaciousness. Naturally, several grout lines make the area appear a little cluttered by visually dividing it into little sections. However, you can lessen the impact by using a creative approach that alters how your environment is perceived to be.

floor tile for small kitchen decor design

A grout color that complements the color of your mosaic floor tiles creates a minimalist effect with grout lines that blend into the background, giving your floor finish a very refined appearance if you prefer tiny mosaic floor tiles but don't want your area to feel claustrophobic. No matter how appealing and fashionable the idea of employing contrast grout may be, choose traditional combinations of the same tile and grout color to improve the feel and appearance of the space.

Having a small space doesn’t mean your kitchen should lack in style and functionality. The right finishes can add extra oomph and create an illusion of a much bigger room. Tile Club offers a range of floor and wall tiles perfect for stretching your small kitchen design to reach its maximum style perk.

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