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Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash & Wall Decors

At My Building Shop you will find your choice of glossy, frosted glass, matte finish and iridescent glass tiles suitable for your next tile project. You’ll also discover great combinations that go perfectly with our glass tile such as stone, metal and slate tiles that add unique texture and light variation. Glass wall tiles can be used to design a patterned or plain back splash in the kitchen or bathroom. Our chair rail trim is ideal for transitioning from one tile style or color to another for a remarkable professional look. We also offer glossy and frosted glass liners in two styles and in a vast number of colors to add a smooth and artful finish to the edge of your tiles that will beautifully showcase your sparkling new glass tile.

We have an overwhelmingly diverse range of this hard-wearing material: more than 1900 types of glass tiles suitable even for the most sophisticated interior designs. The wide range of colors and a magnificent scale of colors open the gate to the free flow of the wildest fantasy. But apart from the obvious aesthetic advantages, glass wall tiles have other plus points which put them into the category of the most cross-functional finishing materials.

In terms of physical and technical parameters, glass wall tiles are vastly superior to the majority of tiles. They are much more solid, durable and moisture-resistant. Moreover, glass tiles are one of the easiest tiles to wash because their surface is far less porous than the surface of ceramic tiles which means that these tiles are not prone to excessive absorption of different odors and impurities.

Glass tiles are an incredibly sustainable finishing material. The special coloring technique, which implies the application of paint to the bottom side of the tile, as well as unique material protection and burning methods – all these features prevent tiles from fading and discoloration.

Another advantage of glass wall tiles is that they can be successfully combined with many other finishing materials, such as Dutch tiles, granite, wood, plastic, and marble.

Lastly, glass tiles are easy to work with. They are glued to any work surface just like ordinary tiles, with the use of grout or transparent silicone sealant.

You can use glass wall tiles anywhere you want: in the bathroom, kitchen or even bedroom. You can even decorate huge swimming pools with our glass tiles to add extra pleasure to your morning swims. You can decorate all walls with glass tiles or use them as an elegant element of the general design – it all depends on your preferences and imaginative power.