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New Year New Appearance: Tile Ideas To Refresh Your Home Decor

New Year New Appearance: Tile Ideas To Refresh Your Home Decor

Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit in 2023! Happy Lunar New Year!

Our thoughts frequently turn to new beginnings and fresh starts for ourselves as the calendar turns to a new year. But this year is also a great time to start that remodeling project you've always wanted to do, and the 2023 Chinese zodiac has the creativity and inspiration you need.

Since last year, have you considered updating your kitchen? Or do you continually put off working on your bathroom? This year holds wealth and success in its sights. The Rat's clever and quick-witted energy will support new beginnings, so you should start planning a new chapter for your home right away! We are here to provide you with inspiration for your next project, including the most recent tile trends, colors of the year—and no rats—and no matter how big or small your kitchen remodel is.

Light Luxury Honeycomb Hexagon White Glass Mix Gold Metal Mosaic Tile Backsplash SSMT2127

The Rabbit of this year is a big deal. The Rabbit Year occurs every 12 years and is a symbol of prosperity and renewal. Additionally, the year 2023 is associated with the metal element, which is the production element.

With a few quick changes this year, you can make your home look the way you want it to this year. You can create a home that is not only functional but also visually appealing by making minor adjustments to your living area, such as replacing the tiles.

This year, expect to see the element of the year – metal, popping up all over the place in forms of metallic accents, accessories and tiles.

Metallic tiles will be the shining stars of our walls to create ultra-modern, edgy designs. Shiny and highly reflective, metallic tiles provide great texture and add visual depth, and has the flexibility to be used either alone or combined with other materials. If you’re afraid of going too edgy with a metal tile wall, consider using it as a striking metal border instead, that can easily upgrade your decor, serve as a divider between tiles and provide a visual break.

3D Vintage Gold Metal Stainless Steel Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash BathroomTile SMMT211189

Gold fixtures are back so is the gold tile! Shades of brass and gold will be taking over accessories and classic polished chrome will be replaced with these warmer tones in 2023. You will also have a variety of intriguing gold tile selections to select from, giving you the chance to give your interiors a more opulent appearance. Consider adding a kitchen backsplash tile that has gold accents or go with the gold on the entire surface which will attract everyone’s eyes.

Brushed Matte Mix Glossy Hexagon Metal Mosaic Stainless Steel Wall Backsplash Tile SSMT2140

2023 is the year for new and enhanced shapes of hexagon, arabesque, fish scale tiles and other new patterns with distinct textures. You’ll also have a variety of 3D tile selections to choose from. If you want to make even bolder statements in your home, ever-classic shapes will have an added level of intricacy and will be your best option. Consider using pattern tiles to bring interest to a room with a fairly neutral color scheme or to make statement walls in small places like powder rooms. Use the power of forms with tile to produce a show-stopping impression without having to redesign the entire room.

Hexagon Silver Metal Mosaic SMMT09072 Mirror Metallic Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash Wall Tile

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