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10 Reasons for Choosing Mother of Pearl Tile

10 Reasons for Choosing Mother of Pearl Tile

A natural, long-lasting product that offers both beauty and protection is mother of pearl tile. In addition to being stunning to look at, mother of pearl tile is also incredibly durable. Because it resists scratches and abrasions better than many other varieties of tile, it can be utilized as wall or flooring covering. There are a lot of other reasons why some people think it's the best tile available. We will go through everything you need to know on this page.

1. 100% NATURAL Shell
One of the materials used to produce the tile gives it its name, mother of pearl. Mollusks' inner shells have a lustrous, brilliant coating that is ideal for use in the creation of premium tiles.

Materials are normally harvested in a responsible and sustainable manner, allowing the tile to be distributed to the general public without disturbing the mollusc population.

Mother of Pearl tiles come in a variety of distinct hues and patterns since they are created entirely from natural materials. They normally contain mother of pearl, but for even more color options, they can also be manufactured to include other organic materials like limestone!

Mother of Pearl tiles can come in a wide variety of natural hues and designs, despite the fact that you might picture them as a piercing white color extended across your glass tile shower! They are therefore a more flexible option than some might think.

When compared to ordinary tile, these tiles typically don't fade as much over time. As a result, it is simpler to coordinate with already-existing decor or design trends without worrying about how the hue will age. As a result, Mother of Pearl is frequently regarded as a top option by consumers who want their tile color to last for a long time.

In addition, Mother of Pearl Tile is a non-porous tile that inhibits the formation of mildew and doesn't absorb moisture or bacteria! For people who want to prevent the formation of hazardous bacteria and germs, Mother of Pearl Tiles are a top option. Because non-porous tiles are valued, they are employed in public spaces like restaurants, hospitals, and even private homes.

Mother of Pearl Tile is a fantastic option for a number of reasons, including its environmental friendliness. When you are finished using them, you can recycle them and turn them into fresh goods for someone else.

Sustainability is significant to many people in the modern world. Because it may be used to create something new, Mother of Pearl Tile is a good alternative for individuals who desire the option of recycling their tile.

The ease of maintenance makes mother of pearl tiles a popular choice for many individuals. For individuals who want their tile to be sturdy but do not want to spend hours cleaning beneath tiles or in grout lines each week, this makes it simpler! Instead, they see mother of pearl tiles as a simple replacement for conventional tile.

These tiles are not porous, therefore less grime will enter the grout and tiles. Mother of Pearl Tiles are a better hygienic option for individuals who want to prevent these problems as less water will seep in and cause mold and mildew as a result!

Despite being simple to maintain, mother of pearl tiles still need your work. Therefore, consumers who desire eco-friendly tiles must be prepared to make an informed decision about their home decor by choosing sturdy tiles that often do not contain dangerous elements like PVC or VOCs.

With the best Mother of Pearl tile brands, we precisely discover this. Mother of Pearl Tile is normally constructed and manufactured without the use of any hazardous chemicals.

The durability of mother of pearl tile is one of its main advantages. For individuals who want their tile to last without requiring a lot of maintenance or upkeep like traditional tiles, this makes it a suitable option.

These tiles are a preferred choice because of their strength and longevity and resistance to cracks and chipping. Compared to many other options, this makes them a more dependable glass tile shower option!

The intrinsic adaptability of mother of pearl tiles is another reason why you need them. They may be installed in a variety of situations thanks to their durability and wide range of designs and colors. They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, or even the glass tile shower!

Beauty is one of the main factors that almost everyone considers when purchasing new tile. You can find a Mother of Pearl Tile option that is ideal for your needs thanks to the large selection available.

Mother of Pearl Tiles are so essential due to their strength, usability, adaptability, and breathtaking beauty. They can be used to decorate other rooms in the house as well as your glass tile shower. This makes Mother of Pearl Tiles a top option for individuals looking to enhance the beauty and sustainability of their house!


You will discover that Mother of Pearl Tiles are a top pick because there are countless applications for them. This is a wonderful form of tile to take into consideration for everything from installing a glass tile shower to making a stunning backsplash in your kitchen.

For many people, mother of pearl is the ideal option since it offers them the best attributes they want in their new tiling. These tiles are a desirable alternative for individuals who desire durability without a lot of maintenance because they are strong and simple to clean. Check out our selection of Mother of Pearl tiles at My Building Shop before making a purchase!

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